Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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NuCurrent Launches Technology Platform for Wireless Power Systems

Suite of proprietary technologies streamlines development of wireless charging solutions for consumer and industrial products

NuCurrent, an industry leader in wireless power systems and technology development, announces the launch of its NuIQ™ Technology Platform.
“Wireless power systems and wireless charging features are becoming extremely popular with product manufacturers and end consumers. But the reality is that many companies have struggled with launching compelling wireless power products at scale,” said Jacob Babcock, CEO, NuCurrent. “Our NuIQ Technology Platform levels the playing field by bringing together all the critical elements that product teams need to develop efficient, scalable wireless power systems.”
With NuCurrent’s NuIQ Technology Platform, engineers and product managers get access to four features that streamline wireless power systems development including:
Industry-leading magnetics – Over the past decade NuCurrent has been at the forefront of wireless power innovation with the development of its patented multi-layer multi-turn (MLMT) technology. This core technology, along with other innovations, makes it possible to create the world’s thinnest, smallest and most efficient (highest Q) wireless power antennas which are ideal for smartphones, consumer devices and industrial applications.
Hyper-accurate hardware simulators – To reduce the time and expense of wireless power product development cycles, the NuIQ Technology Platform features software-based simulators. These tools accurately predict the real-world performance of a product by simulating important factors including: battery sizes, form factors, the presence of different materials, RF co-location and more. Using these simulators, product designs cycles can be finalized in a fraction of the time versus product cycles without simulation.
Precision firmware controls – Through partnerships with leading integrated circuit manufacturers, the NuIQ Technology Platform offers access to optimize system firmware, resulting in more efficient wireless power transfer and improved system performance.
Turnkey system modules – Using customer-defined specifications and performance requirements, the NuIQ Technology Platform delivers turnkey wireless power system modules ready for mass production through Tier-1 global manufacturers.

More info: www.nucurrent.com

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