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Is AirPower Wireless Charging from Apple coming?

Energous WattUp RF Wireless Charging

The big question: Is Apple finally launching AirPower on October 30, 2018?

Well, it might me based on Wireless Charging from Energous product, WattUp™.

Something made us curious at WCN Wireless Charging News:

Is there any coincidence that Energous, manufacturer of the Wireless Charging product line, WattUp™, announced his conference call about its Q3 2018 Financial Results on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 1:30 p.m. PT (4:30 p.m. ET), which is the same day and couple of hours after the Apple Event?

Let’s reflect on some recent events around Apple and Energous:

1. So far the Energous Q3 financial release (i.e. in 2016 and 2017) happened always around November 7/8.

2. Energous and Dialog Semiconductors signed a comprehensive market development deal in 2014. Dialog’s position is both, a strategic investor and worldwide exclusive supplier of Energous WattUp technology.

3. Apple took over parts of Dialog Semiconductor some days ago. Since a decade ago, Apple has used Dialog power-management chips to extend their battery life. Amongst the deal, Apple is buying patents and taking on a large engineering team, most of whom already worked on chips for Apple devices.

Some facts about Energous:

– In September 2018 Energous received Regulatory Approval for its WattUp™ Near Field Wireless Charging Technology in 100 Countries Worldwide including the U.S., United Kingdom, European Union, Taiwan, India, Australia and Canada. CEO Stephen R. Rizzone said: “Initial roll outs from our customers to consumers will begin in the coming weeks…”, which would be now…

– They also received the industry’s first FCC certification for its at-a-distance wireless charging technology under Part 18 of the FCC guidelines.

In conclusion, it might indicate that Apple now has also stakes or minimum easy access to the Wireless charging technology of WattUp™… Means Apple has its foot in the consumer market for wireless charging at-a-distance with RF charging capabilities for the future –> AirPower. As a sidenote it would be interesting if this really is true as the Standard for RF wireless charging is with AirFuel and not based on the Qi wireless charging standard from the Wireless Power Consortium, which is the Standard the Apple iPhone 8 upwards is working with.

Besides all that there is also Apple’s purchase of New Zealand based, PowerByProxi, a Wireless Charging pioneer, in October 2017. Since then Apple hired quite a few Wireless charging Engineers in Auckland, however it seems that this endeavour is probably thought more for industrial use and Electric vehicle wireless charging developments.

We let you judge about the outcoming… The comments section below is open. Anyway we will know it soon.

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  1. Randy frametech

    I have followed Energous for 4 years and yes they are working with Apple. Only time will tell how soon Apple will use Energous tech. It’s worth the risk to buy some Energous stock right now. Trades on Nasdaq ticker is WATT

  2. Jim Robertson

    Energous is ready for the task! Already approved in over 100 countries and FCC approved! Also over 160 Patents. Stock ticker …. WATT


    Thats all BS. The company is a disaster going broke. No products no revenues and more competition than they can handle


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