Monday, January 20, 2020

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AirPower wireless charging mat patent appeared

Apple patent AirPower wireless charging mat

It seems that Apple hasn’t given up on their long-expected AirPower wireless charging mat, which might charge several devices at once, such as the iPhone, AppleWatch, and AirPods.

A patent appeared describes smart features like enhanced communication with devices being charged. Part of these features could be that you receive an alert when your device is charged enough to last you through the day, here the system apparently takes your usual battery needs and calendar entries into account. Furthermore, a security feature is applied through assigning each device with a unique ID, so no snooping of information is possible while data is transferred over the AirPower system.

Another interesting feature described in the patent application is the compatibility with different wireless charging standards, such as Qi Power or better known as Qi Wireless Charging and PMA standard from the AirFuel Alliance.

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  1. Alex Pugh

    I really hope it eventually does come out, it would be such a great piece of kit for us wireless charging nerds. I think they still plan to its probably just a matter of waiting until the technology can work well enough to be released commercially. But I guess if they wait too long someone else is bound to catch up to them.


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